Tips To Improve Smile by Whitening the Dead Tooth

If it is not your particular case then you might have seen someone with a dark tooth. So, you may know what a dark tooth may look like. Now, the tooth can either be quite darker or it may differ slightly in color. Either way, you would not want your tooth to look darker even at a little degree. This darker tooth is commonly referred to as dead tooth.

What is a dead tooth?

A dead tooth is the one which doesn’t have the blood flossing through it. You may wonder if teeth are alive. Yes, they certainly are alive. This is the reason that we feel temperature changes and pains in the teeth. The blood flow keeps the inner pulp alive.

However, a tooth dies when the blood stops circulating in its pulp. As a result, the pulp in the tooth dies eventually. The color change due to the death of pulp can lead the tooth to look intensely yellow, light brown, grey, and even black. The change in color occurs while the tooth dies gradually.

Whitening a dead tooth

You may wonder if there is any way to whiten the dead tooth without going for the veneers or crowns. In the past, it was considered impossible for a dead tooth to be whitened. Good news is that there are ways to whiten a dark or dead tooth. These whitening procedures are the innovations because there was concept that a dark tooth cannot be whitened. A couple of options which have been successful in this regard are described as under.

Option # 1: KoR

KoR Whitening provides you with the bright smile without the need of exposure of your teeth against light. These whitening options further involve four different methods which can solve cases belonging to different types. Typically, all types of teeth discoloration cases can be solved with the help of KoR whitening.

KoR whitening is specifically different as compared to typical whitening because it doesn’t lead you to have tooth sensitivity which tends to occur after teeth whitening.

Option # 2: Internal Tooth whitening

While teeth’s whitening is largely perceived as a method of whitening teeth from outside, there are options available that tend to whiten teeth from inside.

A tooth which can be considered as the right candidate for internal whitening needs to be the one that doesn’t respond to the external whitening procedures. Dead tooth can be the right candidate in this regard because it’s the dead nerves that cause a tooth to seem discolored. The procedure of internal tooth whitening resembles the root canal treatment. A small hole is made to access internal part of the tooth and then a whitening solution is squeezed into the hole. This whitening solution changes the dark color from inside. Tooth is sealed after the desired color is achieved.

If you have a dark tooth, you need to visit the dentist in order to know if you are the candidate for the treatments mentioned above.


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